Traitor of Colditz


‘A rump of die-hard British fascists intent on horrific treachery, a hunt that echoes down the dark and sinister halls of Colditz Castle, secret and ingenious codes to fox the enemy, unbelievably courageous and ingenious escapes executed by Allied POWs who would not be denied, MI9’s masterful body lines that spirited escapees back to Britain to continue the fight – this book has it all… an intensively researched work, this is a period of WWII history that Robert Verkaik brings to life with real verve and flair’ – Damien Lewis, author of SAS Band of Brothers

‘A masterly book… an incredible piece of research that has uncovered an unknown story of betrayal, double agents against a sense of honour and need for justice by those British POWs who were betrayed. It’s a real page-turner’ – Dr Helen Fry

‘Verkaik has managed to add considerably to the history of Purdy, the traitor at Colditz… an excellent book’ – William Neave, son of Airey Neave, the first British officer to escape from Colditz

Sunday Telegraph review (19.06.22):

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