JIHADI JOHN – the Making of a Terrorist

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A BRITISH TERRORIST who beheaded western hostages had a broken heart and blamed the security services for his lost loves, a television documentary claims.

Mohammed Emwazi, nicknamed Jihadi John, believed he was dumped by two women because western spy agencies were intent on ruining his personal life. When he married an Isis bride he let his guard slip and it led to his death.

Emwazi, who was killed aged 27 in 2015, became notorious for murdering hostages for Isis at the pinnacle of its reign of terror in Syria and Iraq.

He had long been identified as a potentially dangerous radical by the security agencies. Emwazi, from Queen’s Park, west London, first went to Africa in 2009 to volunteer as an Islamic fighter but was thrown out.

The author Robert Verkaik tells The Hunt for Jihadi John, “Emwazi has been through quite an ordeal. When he finally gets back to London, still smarting from the indignities of the interrogations and detentions, he then discovers that his fiancée’s family received a visit from the security services.”

Emwazi’s voice is heard in the documentary recalling a conversation with a British spy: “He said to me, ‘Well we spoke to a certain person.’ This person I was going to get married to and they spoke to this person and I told them, ‘How, how on earth do you know about this person?’ They even said the name cos obviously the only way they can find out about that is through listening to my phone conversations cos I’ve never met them before. He laughed and said, ‘Yeah well it’s our job.’ ” Emwazi’s family arranged for him to travel to Kuwait and stay with his grandmother. He met another girl whom he also wanted to marry. Emwazi returned to Britain for dental treatment. “Unfortunately,” Verkaik said, “he learns that Kuwaiti security services have visited his Kuwaiti fiancée’s family. They have introduced the idea that he may be linked to terrorism. Again the family call the wedding off.”

After becoming a killer in Syria, Emwazi knew he was a target and took great care not to be tracked. But he was unwilling to go without seeing his Isis bride in Raqqa. Security services found him by monitoring his family. Emwazi was killed by a drone in November 2015.

Colonel Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman said: “He was very careful about his actions but you know what? They all slip up eventually. And when they do, we kill them.”

The Hunt for Jihadi John is on Channel 4 at 9pm on Monday.




Author: robertverkaik1

I'm a journalist and author writing about security, law and education. My first book, Jihadi John, the Making of a Terrorist, was published in 2016 by Oneworld. My second book is on private education and public schools and will be published in 2018.

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